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Being an Aupair.

I have been an aupair for about four years now. Let me explain what it is real quick, basically I look after kids. I live with a Spanish family that wants their child to learn English and I speak to the child in English all the time.

I have had all different types of families and responsibilities, I can't really tell you exactly what it is like because every family is different. So far, all the families I have been with have been amazing! They are all like my family now, they adopted me. The kids are great, of course they have there ups and downs because they are kids. 
At the two houses I was with first I had a lot more responsibilities than what I do now. The parents worked so having an aupair was more than just learning English. Some of my responsibilities included getting them up and ready for school, taking them to school, picking them up, giving them lunch, English class, taking them to their after school activities, bath time, dinner and bed. In between all of that, we played games... From Monopoly to Mums and Dads, it depends on the child. 
The last two families I have been with have been much more relaxed because the Mums are stay at home Mums, meaning they need me only for English. This has allowed me to study seen as I have a lot more free time.

Being an aupair is usually a job for students that want to learn a new language or discover new places. Also, you have to meet the family in the middle. Of course it is hard for me being in someone else's house, adapting to their lifestyle,etc. But it is also hard for the family to invite (and trust) an unknown person into their home with their children. Living with someone is difficult and it's even more difficult when that person is your boss. You don't really get to disconnect completely seen as it's not home, I don't really know how to explain it. 
This is my last year as an aupair, I think it's time I move on to something else because like I said before, you can't really make a career out of aupairing because it's a student job. I have loved the experience, I got to meet amazing people and even though working with kids is challenging at times, it is also rewarding. 

If you are thinking about becoming an aupair and you want some help or advice, let me know! Also remember to Skype and get to know the parents and the children before you go anywhere.

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