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Conversations With Myself.

Now I'm sure you all know about the good and the bad voice on each shoulder, for me this is real. At the risk of sounding crazy, I can have full on arguments with me, myself and I. 
I'm going to try and explain this, cause I'm sure it's pretty normal... sometimes I have the conversations with myself out loud and I find myself stood in the middle of the supermarket arguing with myself about what type of chocolate to get. 

It makes me doubt myself most of the time. 
-" I did lock the front door"
-"No, you didn't"
-"I'm like 99% sure I did so shut up"
-"Okay. Take the risk , what's the worst that can happen? Someone will brake in."

Or when I go shopping...
-"I should get some tights"
-"You should also buy some shoes"
-"I don't need shoes"
-"You always need new shoes"
-"I have ten pairs already, I'm kind of running out of space"
"But these ones would really go with that top you have"

I do get some weird looks even when I have these conversations in my head because I pull faces to go along with what I am thinking with out even noticing. I will find myself sat there nodding with a "yeah you are right" expression on my face and have to snap out of it. 
The best part about me finding myself so interesting is that I don´t get bored, I always have someone to talk too. 

Please tell me that I am not the only one that does this!

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