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I Joined A Gang...

Now, before you think that I am now a criminal or anything... lemme explain!
So, I was casually scrolling through Twitter, procrastinating instead of studying as you do, when I saw that a fellow blogger called Jemma (Dorkfaceblog) had tweeted her newest blog post "Wanna Be In My Gang?" , I clicked it and read the post. Honestly I think
it´s a great idea! 
Basically it´s a like a society of bloggers that support each other and spread self confidence. It has a few rules: 

1- You promise to spread joy, kindness and positivity in the blogging community whenever you can.
2- You believe in celebrating diversity.
3- You recognise that you are absolutely beautiful, and awesome.

Sounds like a set of rules that I can follow...
What I like most about this idea is that is creating a community in the blogging world, for new bloggers, that I , so far, have been unable to find. I want to meet new bloggers and share thoughts and build projects with other bloggers! TEAM INTERNET. Hopefully, this will be the way!!
There is loads more about it, I will link you to Jemmas blog so you can check it out and decide if you want to join!!

I hope you do!!

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