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My mobile addiction

(When I broke my screen, it broke my heart too)

The other day I ran out of data on my phone. It was then that I realized that my phone was completely useless to me with out internet. It might sound dramatic, but it's true. The things I use most on my phone are Twitter and Whatsapp, Facebook just reminds me that I posted something stupid this time four years ago (I don't really use Facebook anymore). But when I had no internet on it, I thought "now what?".

My phone goes everywhere with me (except the bath because I'm miss butter hands, and the shower OF COURSE) so when I have it in my hand, I will go straight to Twitter or Whatsapp. Not having data means I go onto the apps, remember that I don't have data and the lock the phone only to do the exact same thing two minutes later. No one ever messages me, it's not like I'm Miss popular and I need to check my phone all the time. It's just a constant need to have my phone with me and be able to check it, see what's going on in the world.
I went to bed with out data and I still picked up my phone once I was in bed to scroll though Twitter.
But even without data, I feel the constant need to have my phone in my hand. I end up checking the time every ten minutes or scrolling through my photos deleted all unwanted photos of food.

I feel like I need to go on a detox. Be away from my phone for a bit, being away from it for a few hours would do no good... It would have to be at least a day. Saying that, I couldn't be away from my social networks that long! I run a blog, I am a blogger, I NEED internet. I managed to use up 2GB of data IN A WEEK. Internet is a huge part of my life. Could I really be without my phone? Do I need to learn to be without my phone?

I also always get the feeling that the second I am away from my phone something will happen and no one will be able to contact me. What if someone in my family, or even a friend, needs to speak to me?

I know that I can still text and call without data, but not many people text so I end up sending texts that no one replies to because they didn't even see it. What is even the point?

Do you guys also spend hours refreshing your time line and switching between apps? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Phone addictions are hard work! I do exactly the same but try to for a an hour or so in an evening leave my phone in the bedroom and spend quality time with a human face to face. Running out of data is a bloggers worst nightmare, I mean you can't enjoy a mean unless you've instagrammed it first, right? xx

    1. If I leave my phone out of sight people actually message me! Typical... haha
      I know, it didn't happen if there is no proof x

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  3. To save on my data, I ensure I'm connected to my house wifi when I'm at home or my boyfriend's wifi when I'm at his. That way I'm only using data when I'm out and about. I also switch of the data when I'm at work (so it doesn't download updated etc and use up my data).

    I could probably do with a digital detox...



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