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Sisterhood of the world bloggers

I was recently tagged to do the sisterhood of world bloggers tag by Hailey Jade Ryan so here it is!
I'm actually really lucky she tagged me in it because I have been ill and feeling sorry for my self all weekend so I've not actually been able to plan a post for today (Sorry).

So I have to answer the 10 questions that Hailey has given me, then tag 10 (or less) more bloggers and give them 10 questions to answer.

My answers:

1. How much do you sleep?

I am the kind of person that needs a lot of sleep to function, but not too much otherwise I feel tired still. This doesn't mean that I get a lot of sleep, I try to but usually end up going to bed way past the time I was aiming for and regretting it the next day.

2. When did you start using make-up?

I started using eye liner and mascara when I was about ten. It was a mess and not done nicely but I wanted to be like Avril Lavigne and have that punk rocker look so I made a mess of it. My Mum hated it but I thought I looked amazing. Then I reached an age where I started putting it on ok, just a fine line of eyeliner and a tiny bit of mascara and until I was about 17-18 I didn't really start using any other makeup products. I remember trying them when I was about 15 but that lasted a week, spending time on my make-up that then just melted off wasn't worth it.

3. Who is your favorite Disney character?

I'm not really that into Disney films to be honest. I mean, I will watch them but I don't go crazy over them. If I had to pick it would be Melody (Ariel's daughter) I don't know why but I've always liked her!

4. What is your favorite store to shop at?

I don't really have one shop in particular, I love loads of different shops and it always depends on what kind of style they have in and all that, y'know? But I do love H&M.

5. What is your favorite room and why? Describe it, if you like.

My bedroom in my house back in Spain. I guess it's my favorite room because it is how I want it and that's where my stuff is. I have been practically living out of a suitcase for a few years because I was aupairing and I can't wait to have all my stuff in one place again. Plus it's really cosy.

6. Is there a different century you would of loved to live in?

No. I wouldn't mind being able to go back and see from the outside what it was like but I would never want to live in the old days! For loads of reasons, the main one being the lack of respect and rights women had.

7. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

I have no idea. It was most definitely done while I was drunk and most likely illegal, so I probably wouldn't want to share it anyway. Sorry.

8. Do you believe in fairytales?

Not at the moment. I'm not a mermaid nor have I met a prince.

9. Who's concert would you love to go to?

I really wanted to go to AC/DC's concert when they were in Madrid, but I was a broke student so it didn't happen.

10. Is there anything in particular that you collect?

Amazon boxes because I don't know where to bin them. So I have a big collection. And dust. (joke)

I nominate:

His lifestyle blog ( He's not a sister but I tag him anyway, sorry Chris :D)

My questions:

1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
2. If you could change anything about blogging, what would it be?
3. Have you ever worked with as brand, if so, what was it like?
4. Would you like to blog full time?
5. Have you ever drafted a post because you were to scared to post it and get backlash?
6. Have you ever had problems from other bloggers, if so, how would you recommend handling it? 
7. How long have you been blogging?
8. How long before that were you thinking about blogging?
9. Is there a look or style that you really love but you think you can't pull off?
10. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I hope you enjoyed my post, I'm SO sorry that it went up then I had to take it down because I'm a terrible person and forgot to actually add the questions for the people I tagged. Not having a great week, sorry!
Can't wait to read your posts! Link me in the comments.  

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