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5 things I dislike about blogging.

I absolutely love blogging. I regret not starting sooner, or should I say not putting more effort into my previous blogs. But like everything, there is a bad side to it.

1. Posting my thoughts.


Even though my blog is my corner of the internet to talk about what I want and post my opinions and thoughts, I feel like I can't. When I write a post I am constantly thinking "is it okay to say that?". I've never had any hate (yet) for a post or anything that I have said on Twitter but I do have a friend (Issy) who has experienced it. She handled it really well to be honest. I know that at some point I am going to write something that someone disagrees with but sometimes it's not dealt with in the right way and can end up being a big argument on Twitter. Why can't we just express out opinions and accept that people think differently to us? Do we need to attack them to be right?

2. "How to succeed" posts.


Now just because I don't enjoy reading them, doesn't mean that everyone else doesn't but personally I feel like when I read these kinds of posts that my blog is a failure because I'm not following the blogging way. If that makes sense? You read posts that tell you how hard it is to be a successful blogger and how you should do it and stuff, I read them and think "but I don't want my blog to be like that" and before you know it you are doubting yourself and your blog. I think that the only thing that can make your blog shine if by being you and sharing who you are, that's what will make it unique. So I try to stay away from these kinds of posts.

3. Photos.

I really enjoy photography, I always have. I am the person that takes photos and videos of everything, my family find it rather annoying. It is difficult to find the right photo for posts though! Not so much when you are reviewing products or talking about a product, more so when you write chatty posts. Also, managing to take decent photos on dark days. That is the worst. I get really frustrated when the photos aren't turning out like I pictured them. Sometimes I will spend all morning taking photos and when I got to edit them in the evening, I hate all of them and have to redo them the next day.

4. Bad review.


I have worked with a few brands and so far I have loved every brand. But I am dreading the day I get something to review and I don't like it. Of course I will always post my true opinion, I would never say something is good when it's not. Giving a good review is easy, it's when it comes to saying that you don't like something that it's more difficult to express yourself without having the brand hate you forever.

5. Under pressure.

Sometimes I feel under a bit of pressure when it comes to blogging. I feel like you have to have an amazing looking blog, the photos have to be amazing, you have to have amazing writing skills, etc... Everything in the blogging world seems so professional now, like you can't be taken seriously if your photos aren't great. I know it's ridiculous to think like that but it's true. You can't just set up a blogger account and post your thoughts, it has to look a certain way. At least that's how I feel. Youtube is the same way now, you have to have a certain quality and editing skills for people to enjoy what they are watching. It's crazy!

I love blogging and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my free time! There are loads of positive things about blogging, which I will share with you in a future post.
Let me know what you dislike about blogging down below!

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  1. I love this!!! I agree with you on almost every point! trying to find the perfect photo for a post that isn't a review is ssoo tricky! I end up just going to a free stock photo site such as pixaby to try to find one which fits! haha! I also have times where I don't like the photo i'm taking for said review my head it looks amazing but in reality it's another thing all together! ahahaa!! WWHHHYYYY!?!?!?!
    Plus I feel pressure...mainly from myself but also if I have products from a brand which i'm to use and review......sometimes I have hardly any and at other times (like now!) I have too many and i'm struggling to keep! haha! I shouldn't complain though, these posts will help me out when i'm lacking inspo or am going through a dry spell product wise!!! >.< It's all too real though!!!

    Thanks for writing this post, blogging is fun and love it, but sometimes it just becomes too much and you just want to curl up under a blanket and eat ice cream whilst watching Hereoes Reborn/Limitless/Blindspot/Jane The Vigrin delete as appropriate! haha!


    1. Ahh I'm glad you enjoyed it and could relate!! It's great to know that there are other bloggers out there that feel the same :) xx



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