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One Of My Terrible Habits.

If you say you have no bad habits, you are clearly lying. Everyone has bad habits, sometimes we just don't notice them. So as I'm sitting here procrastinating, I thought I would write about one of my many bad habits and that is procrastinating. 

I am the worst procrastinator. I will keep telling myself that I have to get up and do things but it takes me ages to do it. I can spend two hours perched on the edge of the sofa saying that I'm going to shower and then to bed and it's not until I realize how late it is that I actually get up and do things. The thing is, I don't even relax and watch TV whilst I'm procrastinating because I have every intention of getting up and doing stuff. So I end up in an uncomfortable position repeating to myself   " right, I'm going to go shower and read for a bit". 

My worst distraction is social media and my phone. I will search for people to talk to just to procrastinate and not have to go do what I should be doing. I'm actually writing this post because the photos for the post I was going to write need editing, so I figured that if I write a different post I can edit the photos another day. It really is a terrible habit. 

Once I have finally forced myself up and I start doing things, I get into it and after I feel much better and like I have actually achieved something. But I live in a constant state of tiredness during the week and come the weekend, I will find any excuse not to tidy and be productive. It get's to Sunday evening and I then feel motivated to do stuff, but by that time I have no time to do everything I have to do so I end up not doing it. I could do with an extra day in the weekend but I'm not sure that would help. 

I tried being more organised and productive, I made a little bullet journal and wrote down everything I had to do and for when it had to be done. The problem is, I forget to actually look at my journal and keep track of everything. 

Isn't it a terrible habit? As you can tell by the tittle, this is only one of my terrible habits... unfortunately. 

Let me know if you have any bad habits in the comments! 

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  1. Love this!!!!!!

    I too am a bad procrastinator the world's worst probably!! I get too distracted by social media too easily......I feel the FOMO for sure!!!!!!! I really need to learn to step away and not worry so much...! ahaha!

    Thanks for this post, perhaps when i'm procrastinating again i'll come back and read this to help me out of my funk....!!!!


    1. haha yeah sometimes you kind of have to force yourself to get up and be productive, but it's hard! xx



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