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My angry teen

I don't know what your teen years were like but I spent most of mine being angry at someone for some reason only I knew. My music was angry and everything I did was a way to rebel against anything. 

I just want to say, I wasn't a bad person.. I just wasn't great. It's funny because I am so different now! I'm the least rebellious person, I guess I grew up. Sometimes I do wish I could go back to being that rebellious teen and just not caring. Because I didn't care. I didn't care if I got in trouble or if I got grounded! I always managed to find a way round things and nothing really mattered. 

I feel like even though I am not like that anymore, I have grown up and changed. I still have that angry rebellious teen in me! Part of me thinks that it would be great just to runaway and experience life, fuck the real world. Then my adult side jumps in and tells teen me to behave. I feel like sometimes I'm too safe and always planning and worrying. I'M ONLY 22! 
I'm not unhappy, don't get me wrong. I just feel like sometimes my angry teen just wants to take over. It wants me to do stupid stuff, for no reason but the thrill. I guess when people say that no one ever changes, they are kind of right. Because even though I have grown up and calmed down, I still have that part inside of me. My angry teen is still there and my inner child. Everything is still there. 
So if I ever completely go crazy, blame my angry teen. 

Sorry in advance.

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