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Original Writing

I see a lot of people struggling to find something to write about, it's difficult trying to find something original that people are going to want to read but there's one thing I have noticed and that is that you make it original by writing it in your own way and showing your personality through your writing. When I go to a blog, I go there because I enjoy the way they write about things. I can see a thousand posts about this one products and not actually read it until that one post catches my eye. I love reading posts that are written as if the person is talking to you and they don't filter it. They leave in the humor and the sarcasm... that's what I love about Issy's blog.

When it comes to choosing what to write about, I usually just write what I am feeling in that moment. Most of my personal post were written in relation to something that was going on in my life in that moment. Sometimes I use it as a way to express how I am feeling seen as I am useless at actually saying it. I write it and hope that people will read it and understand me a bit better. I'm not a machine, my posts don't come out of nowhere. When I write a post, a lot of feeling goes into them. If I'm not feeling it, I don't write it. I have bought products to review before and then just shared them on Instagram because I didn't feel like they needed a post about them. I used to write Birchbox reviews every month and that got so repetitive and boring that I stopped them.

I understand that you want to write what people want to read, but I feel like if you write what you want to read you will get the audience you want for your writing. The world is a pretty big place and somewhere in the world, there is bound to be someone that is going to enjoy what you write.
When you write, you need to write for you. Eventually you will find people that will read your blog and that won't like it, they will LOVE it. So keep writing for you , keep posting for you and keep up the hard work. Don't worry about how many posts on a subject already exist, just make sure yours is yours and it will be original.

I don't really know where I was going with this post, I just felt like putting that out there. I hope it helped anyone who is struggling with their writing at the moment.

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