The Thought Type Writer.

When I think about things, most of the time I am thinking about writing a blog post about it and sharing it will all you guys. Before I used to think about how I was going to talk to my friends and family about it, but I quickly discovered that they don't actually want to hear about make up and what products I have tried and loved (plus other things that run through my head and I am bursting to share).
So now, instead of thinking up how I am going to share it with them, I think up a blog post! Most of the time this happens while I am unable to write it down. For example this post, I was walking to work this morning thinking about it and how I would write it and what I would say. I have great post ideas pop into my head and when I go to actually write them, I have forgotten what I was going to write. It's annoying! Especially when you find yourself sat at your desk trying to write tomorrows post but can't think of one good enough knowing that you had a great one in your head earlier while you were in the bath.
Wouldn't a thought type writer be amazing!? It types it out for you when you are thinking it, maybe onto an app on your phone. Then when you sit down to write a post, you could just read back through it and get your mojo back. The major fault in this would be that I usually have a million things running through my head and how would the type writer know which ones to write down and how to make sense of it all! I mean, there's room for improvement that's for sure! But wouldn't it be an amazing tool for writers, bloggers and tons of other people all over the world?
I think technology has a way to go before it can read your mind (hopefully a long way). Putting it like that, I'm not sure it's such a great idea that a mind reader machine exists. But, it would make a few things a lot easier. Do you not think?

Sorry for this completely irrelevant and useless post, but I just had to share it. 
Have you got any ideas that would help you write? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I always think up new ideas and content when I can't write it's frustrating but I do try to just jot down notes in my phone! I really hope mind reading technology is A LONGGGG way off! xox
    Jess from Beautiful Breakable || Bloglovin

    1. I always forget about it when I put it in my notes, I need a reminder to remind me to check my reminders. If that makes sense? x


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