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Don't Underestimate Me

Don't you hate it when someone underestimates you? It's even worse when it's everyone around you. When you have goals and ambitions and you're mocked for them or led to believe that they aren't realistic or too far for you to reach.

Don't you hate it when someone makes you underestimate yourself? You're constantly told how weak you are, how useless you are and how you'd never be able to do something on your own. You are told this so much that you actually start to believe it. You let yourself believe that you can't accomplish what you want because you're simply not cut out for it.

Don't you hate it?

Does anyone ever stop to think that maybe if they supported us and built us up instead of constantly tearing us down, we'd actually accomplish everything we set out to.

Unfortunately we don't realize how much their words and jokes influence us. I've only just come to realize this myself. I'm not weak when I need to be strong, I'm not stupid when I need to be smart, I'm not scared when I need to be brave. Why do you make me think that I am?

So I write this to myself, as something to look back on when in doubt. You CAN do what you set out to do, you CAN be independent and most importantly, you don't need anyone to tell you it because you need to believe in yourself. You don't need anyone to tell you what you're capable of because you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

Take a step back and look at where you are now. Every emotional battle you've fought, every step you've take and every small goal you've achieved. YOU did all of that, not them.

If they doubt you, prove them wrong.

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