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BLOGMAS DAY 2 || Secret Santa Gift Ideas

This year at work I am part of my first secret Santa since school, which is exciting but I was lost on what to get. Secret Santa is a bit of fun so I didn't want to take it too seriously, I looked for fun gifts and found a few that I thought I'd share with you guys so you didn't have to spend hours looking like I did. 

 Beer Pong Kit - £4.95

Grow Me - Money Does Grow on Trees - £4.95

TV Trivia's 80's - £4.95

TV Trivia's 90's - £4.95

Edible Eyes - £4.95

Fetch My Keys , Key Finder - £4.95

Desktop Shooting Game - £4.95

Virtual Pet - £4.95

Unicorn Shower Cap - £4.95

Christmas Dinner in a Matchbox - £6.50

Alcoholic Raspberry Prosecco Humbugs - £6.95

Ice Cream Socks - £7.95

Don't be a dick Enamel pin - £7.95

Chocolate Brussels Sprouts - £9.95

Chill Pill Bath Bombs - £10.75

Cheesy Jokes - £5.95 

The last one is my favorite, gotta love a cheesy joke. I hope this helped you get an idea of what to get for your secret Santa, I'd always go for something fun. 

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