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Jess Acorn | | My Top Tips For Being Productive

Productivity is something that a lot of people struggle with, myself included sometimes so I wanted to share with you my top tips to improve your productivity! I’m definitely not saying that I’m the most productive person in the world but I’m pretty confident in how productive I am at the moment!


Being organised doesn’t come easily to everyone but even if you can make yourself just a little bit more organised, you’ll automatically start being more productive! This could include anything from planning out your time and allocating a task on your to do list every half hour or so or it could just mean getting into a solid routine to fall back on.

Set yourself time limits

I find this one really helpful! If i’ve got too much time to complete a task I’ll put it off and it’ll never get done so I set myself realistic time limits for everything now. For example, I’ll say that I need to clean my bedroom in 30 minutes or write a blog post in 3 hours, it’s all relative to how quickly you can reasonably do something without burning yourself out.

Give yourself incentives

This is probably the most fun one and you can completely adapt it to whatever you like. I used this technique when I was revising for my A levels and now with my workouts because it’s a really good motivator! You just need to set yourself some attainable goals and then decide what ‘prizes’ you’ll give yourself when you reach them. For example, when I manage to lift a certain amount of weight or do a certain number of reps I buy myself a new gym outfit or treat myself to getting my nails done etc. If you’re not into that sort of stuff you could treat yourself to a meal out with friends, a pamper evening or even something really crazy that you’ve always wanted to do (like skydiving!)

Be kind to yourself

My last tip is to let yourself have a day when you don’t get anything done. Let yourself recharge and give yourself the chance to get motivated again! This is such an important thing to do, if you work at 100% all the time you’re just going to burn out and lose all of your enthusiasm so take some time, do something that makes you happy and get back into the swing of things tomorrow!

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and I would love to hear what helps you be more productive in the comments!

Jess Acorn