Thursday, 11 May 2017

Joan Collins Divine Lips

If there's one thing I love about doing my makeup it's my lipsticks. I love a good bold lipstick, usually red or plum, I do try and expand my color range but always seem to end up with similar ones. Like my clothes, I try my best to add a bit of color but I still seem to always look like I'm on my way to a funeral.

A few weeks ago I was so kindly sent a couple of lipsticks from Joan Collins Divine Lips collection* to try out and add to my spring colors. I was sent the shade Evelyn and Suzy Starr, one is a red/coral color and the other is a bit more pinky.

Suzy Starr

"The ultimate beach-to-bar shade, Suzy Starr screams summer (try saying that after a couple of mojitos)."


"Fun and flirty, this is the perfect shade for blondes and redheads. With a cream coral finish, this shade adds an instant summer glow to your look."

I kept the Suzy Starr one for myself and gave the Evelyn one to my friend Rosie because pink lipsticks really don't suit me. Although it says it has a coral finish it is really just pink.

I personally liked the lipstick. I did find that I had to apply a few layers for it to actually look nice and bold, it was rather thin at first. It stayed in place all morning but didn't stay on throughout lunch which I find the matte ones do.

I think this is a great lipstick for dry lips, it has a rather creamy texture to it which means it doesn't dry out and crumble an hour after putting it on. I asked Rosie for her opinion on the lipstick and here's what she said;

" I have very mixed feeling about this lipstick. The color got me all excited, in the tube it looked like a bright pinky coral, but on my lips it came out as a plain old fuchsia. The packaging is beautiful, and so is the formula when it's first applied. It's creamy, pigmented and very comfortable - perfect for a nude lipstick! However, if you're like me, and like your bold colors to be matte and long wearing, then I wouldn't recommend the shade Evelyn. After three hours, I was left with a slightly patchy stain on my lips and lipstick smeared all over my coffee mug.

On a positive note, I'd love to get a nude lipstick in this formula as the product itself is extremely moisturizing and makes your lips look big and plump. I will definitely be wearing this shade again, just in combination with a good lip liner to counteract the fading."

I agree with Rosie, the texture is great but probably better for a nude lip instead of bold. It stayed better on my lips than it did for Rosie, I guess that just shows that every product works differently for everyone. Would I recommend it? Yeah, but not a really bold color. Have you tried Joan Collins Devine lips?

*I was gifted these products but all words and opinions are my own.

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