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Miss Baby Roll Mascara || L'Oreal

I'm SO picky when it comes to mascara. It can't make my lashes look too thick, too fake, to chunky... it has to look natural. So when I saw this one I couldn't help but pick it up to give it a try, I can get away with doing that because I need products to review on my blog. At least that's what I tell myself. So what did I think of the Miss Baby Roll waterproof mascara by L'Oreal?

Disney Gift Sets || MAD BEAUTY

Now I know it may be a bit early for some people, but I've already got Christmas on my mind. I'm already putting together Blogmas posts, thinking about what I can get people and deciding what to do over Christmas. I cannot wait. So when Mad Beauty sent me these lovely little gift sets* to try out, I thought they'd make perfect little stocking fillers.

Autumnal Style Inspiration

A new season calls for a new look, right? We all like to change up our style a little bit sometimes and what better time than Autumn? Jumpers and boots are acceptable to wear again without being judged because it's hot outside.

A Flawless Finish With Joan Collins Beauty*

If you're a regular reader here on my blog (thank you) you'll know that I have tried a few bits from Joan Collins Divine Beauty collection before. So when I was offered to try the foundation and concealer from her Divine Beauty line, I just couldn't turn it down.

Isassy || Brushes on a Budget

After seeing these types of oval makeup brushes becoming more popular, I decided I wanted to give them a go and see if they were actually any good. After looking for them on Superdrug and finding out that just the one brush was nearly ten pounds, I decided to try and find some budget ones and test them out. Everybody loves a good budget item, right? So I went on Amazon on found these ones by Isassy for just £11.99 for the entire set. But are they actually any good? 

Bannatyne || The Spa Collection

If you are a regular reader here at my blog, you'll know that I recently went to a Bannatyne Spa for a spa day and shared my experience with you guys in a post. We'll it turns out that someone over at Bannatyne headquarters read my post and liked it, so they offered to send me some of their spa products to try out from the Bannatyne Spa Collection*.

Snacking On Air || Light Bites

A while ago I was contacted by Light Bites and asked if I'd like to try their product. I did some looking into them and they looked really nice and different, so I agreed to have some sent out to me, I was excited to try them. Though I don't diet, it does make me feel good when I have a light and healthy snack, but I always struggle to find ones that I actually enjoy and that satisfy my need to eat.

A week later a box packed full of Light Bites arrived on my door step. I had a nosey through and was eager to try them out, they had so many different ones that I didn't know where to start.