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The Cleansing Oil Dreams Are Made Of

I feel like I'm pretty late to the cleansing oil party, but I'm here now anyway. Have I ever used a cleansing oil before? No. Do I regret not trying this sooner? Yes. Thanks to this Caudalie make-up removing cleansing oil, I'm a changed woman.

Splash Botanics || Is It Any Good?

I've tried a few of the Zoella Beauty products in the past and loved them, mainly the scent of them. So when she launched her new "Splash Botanics" range, I was eager to get my hands on them and give them a go as they seemed to be a bit different from her usual sweet scent. In the past, I've only really tried the bath products and body mist that she's released, mainly because they're products I tend to use more often. However, as soon as Splash Botanics launched, I had all of the products on their way to me...Well, all except the makeup bag.

Big Magic || Rediscovering my creativity

A few months ago I was moaning through the group chat about how frustrated I was that I couldn't seem to get writing. No matter how long I sat and tried, I just couldn't get my creative writing to flow like it used to. In response to this, Rosie suggested I read "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. In fact, she was so passionate about the book that she bought it for me as a gift, just to make sure I actually read it. I did, and it's helped me see where I was going wrong.