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Blogmas Day 24 || Until 2019

Blogmas is over again for another year because I will definitely be doing it again next year. I think this is the first year I'm not insanely stressed over it, running behind and feel burnt out. I think this year has been the best year planning wise and content wise.

Blogmas Day 23 || 2018

The only reason I'm finding this post difficult is that I can't remember what I've actually done this year, they all seem to blend into one for me. Luckily Instagram and Facebook are around for me to look back on.

Blogmas Day 22 || New Years Style Guide

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Although I'm not a very outgoing person, I do love getting all dressed up. Even if it does stress me out when I have an outfit planned in my head and then when I put it on it doesn't look how I expected it to look so I have a little meltdown. However, here are a few outfits for New Years for anyone who may be struggling to decide on something.

Blogmas Day 21 || Enjoying The Present

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to me when I say that I am addicted to my phone. I spend most of my time on it, usually endlessly scrolling through some kind of social media and just generally avoiding doing anything that I may have to do in the real world. That was until recently when I decided that I needed to learn to limit my use of it in order to be in a better place mentally.

Blogmas Day 20 || Why It's Bethan's Blog

If you've been around here for a while, you'll know that when I first started this blog I did it under the name Bethan, hence the name "It's Bethan's Blog". Even my name on every social media platform was Bethan and I never showed my face. I wanted a place to share my thoughts and feelings anonymously. However, the more confident I got in the blogging world, the more I shared and I started posting photos of myself and eventually shared my real name. Sometimes I can't help but think that I should never have mixed my real life with my blog and other times I'm glad I did.

Blogmas Day 19 || Is Murad's Oil-Control Moisturizer Worth it?

Oily skin is a struggle. Whether you're wearing makeup or not, if you have oily skin it will reach a point in the day where your skin feels horrible and you just want to scream. At least it does for me. So I am always trying out new products that may help control my skin, which is what the Murad "Oil-Control Mattifier" moisturising cream* is said to do. But does it actually do as it says for £35?

Blogmas Day 18 || The Perfect Product To Help Your Lashes

When I was sent the NYK1 lash force eyelash growth serum to try out I was eager to give it a go and see if it actually works. I don't think I've ever used a product like this before if I have, don't remember right now. It is said to stimulate your follicles to help them grow and can be used on your lashes and eyebrows.

Blogmas Day 17 || A Chat With a PR on Working With Bloggers

As a blogger, I deal with a fair amount of PRs, and I have a few questions that I've always wanted to ask them in regards to what they look for when they're looking for bloggers to work with. So I recently reached out to Alice over at Babushka PR to ask her a few questions and share them with you on my blog, as I feel a lot of bloggers want to know these things too.

Blogmas Day 16 || The Steam-Punk Themed Palette You Need

Do I have a slight obsession with palettes? Possibly. Am I going to stop buying them? Probably not. I was actually looking for a festive palette when I came across this NYX Machinist "Ignite" limited edition palette* and immediately fell in love with it and its steampunk themed shades. I already own an NYX palette that I love so I couldn't go wrong really.

Blogmas Day 15 || Skincare update

My skincare routine is constantly changing, well not constantly but it does change a lot... Especially when the weather changes as my skin and its needs change too. I have very needy skin, if I leave it unattended it will rebel and go wild. By that I mean there's a high chance it'll break out.

Blogmas Day 14 || Candles for Christmas

If you read my blog often or follow me on social media, you'll know that I am a big fan of Pick n Melts wax melts. I've spoken about them a few times on my blog before, so when I got home from work one evening and discovered a rather large package* from them, I was over the moon. They had sent me their advent calendar (I know, amazing), some festive wax melts and these two boxes of candles. I thought that these sets would make perfect gifts for Christmas so I thought I'd share them on here.

Blogmas Day 13 || The Game-Changing Mascara

As someone who doesn't really ever bother with fake lashes, I am always trying out new mascaras to see what one can help my lashes actually be visible. So when I spotted the L'Oreal Unlimited Pro Volume Bendable mascara* I had to give it a go. Was it going to be any good?

Blogmas Day 12 || Revisiting Old Palettes

I'll admit that I am slightly addicted to makeup. I don't wear it every day, but I like having a good selection to choose from when I actually decide to spend time doing it. One of the products that I found myself collecting are palettes, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you. I will admit, most of them are Makeup Revolution ones.

Blogmas Day 11 || High-End Handbags For Christmas

Do you ever find yourself handbag shopping for handbags so far out of your price range that it's merely a dream? Because I do and far too often lately. I've gone from not being bothered about them, to constantly adding them to the top of my wishlists, a wishlist that is just that... a wish. So I thought I would put together a post featuring some of the handbags that have caught my eye, it makes me feel like I'm being more productive if I make a post out of it ya know?

Blogmas Day 10 || My Top Hair Care Products

Having rather fine hair means it gets damaged and dry very easily, so I always make sure to have a good stock of products to choose from when needed. So in today's post, I am going to share some of my favourite hair care products with you. 

Blogmas Day 9 || The Perfect Cozy Country Pub*

If you know me, you'll know that I am not a loud pub kinda person at all. I'm more of a quiet cosy pub kinda gal, so when I stepped into The Cowper Arms in Cole Green, Hertford* I instantly fell in love and wished that it was just down the road from me instead of half an hour away. Although I am already planning on dragging my sister down there soon. 

Blogmas Day 8 || Perfumes For Christmas

I know some people aren't big fans of getting perfumes for Christmas, but I am. I find that perfumes can be rather expensive or not something that I remember to buy, so when I get them for Christmas I am genuinely pleased. For me, they're a bit like socks. Very useful. So I thought I'd do a post with a few perfumes* I wouldn't mind seeing under my Christmas tree this year and I have a few men's ones that I love too.

Blogmas Day 7 || Having an Opinion Online

Every day I open up Twitter, something new is happening in the world or in the blogging community. There's always something to talk about. However, I rarely speak my opinion on things online because I'm always worried I'm going to get crucified for it. Witch hunts seem to be a common thing now and I always try my best to avoid them as I don't really ever want to upset anyone. However lately I feel like I've almost silenced myself out of fear and I want to change that.

Blogmas Day 6 || Three Outfits Perfect For The Festive Season

The festive period is usually one packed full of events and dinners that require getting all dressed up for, which for me is stressful as I usually spend a lot of my getting ready time having a little meltdown over what to wear. I convince myself that I have loads of clothes and I don't need to buy anything new, then when it comes to it I realised I was fooling myself. So I thought I'd put a few festive outfits together, in case you have any Christmas events coming up and you're lost on what to wear.

Blogmas Day 5 || Soap & Glory This Christmas*

Soap & Glory is one of those brands that always nail it, especially at Christmas when they release all their amazing gift sets. This year is no different, they have some amazing gifts to chose from that are perfect for pretty much everyone. Whether it be makeup, bath products or a bit of skincare, who doesn't love a good pamper evening anyway? So let's dive right in and check out what they have in store for this Christmas.

Blogmas Day 4 || Three Years of Blogging

I'm pretty sure I start this post in a very similar way every year but I'm going to do it anyway, I'm insanely proud of myself for sticking with it consistently for three years now. I'm the kind of person that starts many projects and rarely ever sticks with them for long. Hence why I've had a few blogs in the past that I've not stuck with long, unlike this one. I can't believe it's been three years! 

Blogmas Day 3 || Red Lips for The Season

I know I wear red lipstick most of the time, but it's never more fitting than at Christmas time. Red is the colour of the season, at least it is for me. So I thought I would share a few of the favourite of my red lipsticks with you so you can enjoy them as much as I do.

Blogmas Day 2 || The Ultimate Gift Guide For Makeup Enthusiasts

What I mean by "Ultimate Gift Guide" is that it's a very long list of makeup products that I have spotted and loved but can't justify buying them for myself so I'm creating a blog post around them in the hopes to encourage someone else to buy them and make me feel like I'm shopping. So here is the ultimate gift guide for all the makeup enthusiasts in your life.

Blogmas Day 1 || Plans & Thoughts For This Blogmas

I love blogging all year round however, Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year for blogging. Why? Because not only is it a cosy and cheerful time of year, it also means Blogmas. This is my third year doing Blogmas now and I love it more each time. Even though every year I get extremely stressed from it, it's stress I enjoy. I love putting a post out every day and always having something to write about.